Owl photographer - a toy on the camera lens

toy on the lens camera
Bright moments of childhood always want to capture the memory, but the kid himself is rarely distracted from his studies to look at the camera's lens. And a creative way out can be a toy-lure that can be done by yourself. We need: a sewing machine, a felt of attractive colors, threads in tone and needle, agrotex, eyes, glue moment, scissors. To make the toy compact it will come in handy a piece of a hat gum and a button. 1. A little bit about the sketch. The lens cap that covers the lens is the only detail for taking measurements, around which the sketch is built. But you should pay attention to the top of the toy, which should not close the flash, so the head of the trick is not more than 3 cm high. -svoimirukami.ru/images/17/562-igrushka-na-obektiv-fotoapparata.jpg "alt =" toy on the camera lens "title =" toy on the camera lens ">
2.Selection of fabric The easiest way to sew a toy on the lens is from felt, because this material allows you not to work the edges, it is dense enough to hold a shape and very diverse in color. Additional sealing is done with the help of agrotex.
 toy on camera lens
3. Sewing technology a) Brushes are made on the ears: a thread is wound on three fingers in 20 layers and tied in the middle. From the outside, the ends are cut. b) A similar detail from agrotex is superimposed on the back part of the base (pink). Tassels are sewn on the ears at the base with a straight line with a reverse. Top thread in tone of facial tissue (brown), bottom in tone of the back of the toy (pink).
 toy on the camera lens
c) The details of the legs and wings are decorated.d) On the compacted part of the base with tassels, legs are superimposed, which are covered with a brown part. The resulting sandwich is stitched along the outer and inner contour with a zigzag.To make the toy further develop, cross-shaped fold lines are outlined, which are stitched with a straight line on the typewriter. To fix the toy in the folded form, a loop from the hats is sewn. All thread to tie knots and tips hidden in the toy
 toy camera lens
d) Issued owls muzzle manually stitched eyebrows and beak. Felt eyebrows can make an incision and fluff .
 toy on camera lens
e) Next, wings are zigzagged, but the upper thread changes to green. When all machine seams are stitched, eyes are glued. ё) The toy is folded in the most acceptable way along the fold lines and the place for the button is determined. In this case, the rear of the toy .
 toy camera lens
So cheerful zamanushka, which will surely attract the attention of the baby, significantly improving the quality of children's pictures ready!
toy on the lens of the camera

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