Picture of coins “Money Tree”

Today, great popularity is gained by paintings made with their own hands. They are a wonderful gift for a birthday, for a housewarming party, for a wedding, and sometimes it's just that. Pictures made by his own hand are very individual and unique. Each of them carries a piece of heat with which it was made. At the moment there are many techniques of performing paintings. Consider one of them in detail today. It is believed that the picture "Money Tree" brings financial well-being into the house. To create a picture you will need: -wall-paper (burlap, cloth may be appropriate); - coins; - three-layer napkins 3-4 pieces or toilet paper; -water; -acrylics (black, gold, silver); -poron sponge; -karandash; -scissors; -porol sponge; -gloss -glitter (can be found in cosmetic stores); -frame for photos (or for a picture); -glue PVA (quick-drying orheat gun.
 To create a picture you need
Step by step description of the work. First step. It is necessary to cut the base blank for the future picture. After examining the photo frame, attach the back of the plywood to the wallpaper (burlap or cloth), circle it with a pencil and cut it out. On the front of the plywood with glue to glue the workpiece. When the wallpaper is dry, draw a sample of the tree. The second stage. In a plate with water you need to add some PVA glue (approximately 1: 1). Three-layer napkins should be cut into pieces of 2–3 cm of different width.
 add a little glue
When the strips are cut, take one at a time and carefully dip it into a plate with liquid , but it is not worth much to wet, because the napkin can spread out. At an angle of 45 degrees gently palms begin to twist them in the form of tubes. If possible, twist better tightly. Different widths of the strips are needed later to form the crown of the tree (thicker for the crown, thinner for the branches). When a sufficient number of flagella are wound, leave them until they are completely dry. The third stage.On the workpiece, in a place where the crown of the future tree is painted, apply a small layer of PVA with a small layer. Lay out twisted paper flagella alternately on a damp surface, giving a bend to the tree, forming branches, roots and a crown.
 giving a bend to a tree
The fourth stage. Before gluing the coins, they must be degreased. It is best to degrease with alcohol or detergents (for glasses or for washing dishes). The crown of the tree is ready and dried.
 The crown of the tree is ready and dried
Use a quick-drying glue (if you can not use a glue gun) to glue the coins.
paste the coins
The fifth stage. The tree is fully assembled. It remains to paint it.
Black aerosol acrylic paint all well sprinkle. Allow time for the paint to dry, if necessary, cover it with an additional layer of gold spray paint. Dry foam spongeimbued with silver acrylic paint, you need to go through the whole picture.
Do not press hard on the canvas, lightly, as if rubbing the color. Allow time to dry again. Sixth Stage. Dry foam sponge, dipping it in acrylic paint is already golden, blend only with coins.
 blend only with coins
While the paint is dry, apply shine - glitter (optional). Leave the entire product until dry.
 when all layers are dry
After that, when all layers are dry, insert wood with a frame and enjoy beauty. The author's idea, like the work itself, is not comparable with anything.
 insert into the frame
Picture of coins Money tree

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