Pie filling - recipe

Many centuries ago, cakes were baked in every home, today in many families this dish is also popular. As you know, pies were a festive dish, at the moment - this is quite ordinary meats, which the hostess of the house spoils her loved ones. To ensure that the cakes are always excellent in taste and appearance, it is worth adhering to special rules while cooking:

1) The dough should always be "live", it is worth using dairy products and yeast; 2) While preparing this dish with a sweet filling, it is best to use a little starch that will help the stuffing stay inside and not spread 3) While resisting such a dish with meat, it is worth putting a little butter, then they will be tasty and juicy; 4) Love to use a yeast dough, then it is worth giving it a good rise about twice, thanks to this there will be no sour taste and will be baked better; 5) Start Nku in pies you need to put only cold; 6) For salty cakes,It is best to over-salt the filling, then they will not be bland. Of course, every housewife has her own secret, thanks to which the cakes are simply amazing in taste. In order for the cakes to be always varied and tasty, you must use an exclusive filling. To date, there is a huge variety of toppings for pies, which give this dish excellent taste. Pie filling can be both sweet and salty, it all depends on the preferences of each person. Pie patties can also be sweet, for example, from poppy, apples, pumpkin, cottage cheese, dried apricots, jams and many others. Or, for example, salty: 1) From meat, for example, pork or beef. Meat is taken through a meat grinder, then fried and re-skipped. Onions are fried separately, the eggs are boiled and cut and everything is mixed, pepper and salted. 2) From fish. The flesh of the fish must first be salted, pepper and then fry, add the fried onion and dill. Many housewives also add boiled rice or boiled eggs; 3) Of mushrooms. Mushrooms are first boiled, cut and fried.Roasted onion, sour cream and stew are added for about 15 minutes, greens are added at the end and everything is cooled. Try, experiment with such a variety of fillings and then you can find the best favorites for your family! All bon appetit.

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