Pierre Ducane: thin women get divorced more often

The fashionable French nutritionist, on whose diet Kate Middleton is losing weight and the British royal family, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, arrived in Moscow at the invitation of the magazine Marie Claire and gave an interview to Antenna.
Pierre Dyukan told how to lose weight Russian women
Pierre Ducane
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Monsieur Pierre, this is not your first time in Moscow. Do Russian women have a zest? And do they need to lose weight?

I am French and I know that they say that the most beautiful women in France, but, honestly, you beat them. It seems to me that the only difference between French and Russian is that you have a lot of women with blond hair, high cheekbones and even very radiant eyes. Russian women, unlike Englishwomen and American women, take care of themselves. Most Muscovites do not need to lose weight, they are already very beautiful, although, perhaps, I think so, because I pay attention to the beauties.

But French women eat croissants, foie gras and still thin. How do they do it?

It is a myth. In France, not all thin, 27 million people are overweight. But still most of the French women are elegant.They cook only from fresh high-quality products. You will never see a Frenchwoman who, like an American, is chewing something on the go. The French do not like to eat alone. We gather at a table with people close and pleasant to us, and scientific studies have shown that, surrounded by loved ones, one eats less. And further. If a Frenchwoman gains five extra pounds, and sometimes even one kilogram, she immediately goes on a diet.

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That is, if I have put on a kilogram during the winter, I need Dr. Dyukan?

If you go to lose weight to appear in a beautiful bikini on the beach, then I do not even recommend to sit on my diet. To lose 1, 3, 5 kilograms, limit yourself to the consumption of sweets and go more on foot or play sports. But if you need to get rid of 7-8 kilograms (and usually I work with those with extra 10, 20, 30, 40 kilograms), then it is worthwhile to engage in a serious war, which I propose to unleash my patients.

And how to understand how many extra pounds accumulated? We believe that the ideal weight of a Frenchwoman is height in centimeters minus 110.

No! From the age of 18, every 10 years, a woman needs to add 800 grams in weight, and after each birth, one kilogram. In order to calculate personal weight, you need to take into account many factors.For example, the maximum and minimum weight in adulthood, because the body has a memory. Weight, which was held for the longest time and which you dream. What is your bone? It is easy to determine. Take the index and thumb of one hand and, without squeezing too much, clasp the wrist of the other. If the fingers are found one on the other, the bone is thin; if there is space between the fingers, it is thick; if they touch each other, it is normal. Naturally, someone who has a heavy bone should weigh more. A very important parameter - how many times have you used the diet. The more weight loss measures the body has suffered, the more it resists the following diets. If you want to calculate your correct weight, you can go to my Russian site and do it completely free of charge.

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