Piggy from "Good night, kids!" Sang for the daughter of Zoe Berber

Video greetings from the beloved character of the children, the actress of the series “Real Guys” posted on her Instagram page. It can be seen that Zoe Berber just glows with happiness - so she is glad to meet with the idol of childhood!

The hero of the favorite program of many generations of children recently got another place to work - Khryusha leads the morning program “Good morning, kids!” Not alone: ​​she invites various celebrities to her. Guest of one of the morning issues was Zoe Berber. The star of “Real Kids” could not restrain herself and uploaded photos on Instagram with her favorite childhood character, signing: “Endless happiness to hug you, Piggy!”

Zoya Berber and Khryusha
Zoe Berber's infinite happiness
Photo: @zberberr

Then the actress continued the “live broadcast” by publishing a video with an appeal to her daughter: “Nagy, look who you met!” program recording timeWe will find out very soon: the release "Good morning, kids!" with the participation of the Perm actress will be released on the channel "Carousel" in the coming days.

Jan 18 2017 at 2:44 PST

By the way, not so long ago, the little patients of the Perm hospital named after Pichugin had the opportunity to talk with Khryusha: the most famous pig came along with Filey to arrange a holiday for the little ones. Khryusha then admitted to Woman’s Day that he was very afraid of flying on airplanes. Helps Phil, who diligently reassures him.

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