Pillow with Owl Embroidery

Pillow with embroidered owl- if you do not want to make a square pillow, this is a great option pillow owl. Comfortable and looks beautiful, and embroidery will give the pillow a stunning and unique look.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. bright pink canvas 40x43cm;
  3. fabric with a pattern for the backdrop 30x33cm;
  4. trimming;
  5. button;
  6. filler.


Step 1

Cut the embroidery, leaving a stock of 3 cm on all sides. Cut out of the frame fabric detail of the same shape. Cut out the felt eyes, beak and owl paws. You can use a felt of any color that you like.

Sew 2 felt "paws" together. Attach them with pins to the front of the owl. Fold the fabric and owl face to face and secure with pins. On the machine, stitch around the perimeter, leaving a hole for turning.

Turn the pillow over the face. Sew your eyes by hand. Attach a small circle to a large basting stitch. Sew a button or arcuate detail with a basting stitch.

Sew the beak to the embroidery through the center of the rhombus.For the beak, take a hard felt. Fold it in half and iron the crease with an iron. Finally, tamp the pillow, then sew the hole with a secret stitch.

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