Pillows with a volumetric decor: ideas for needlework.

When creating a harmonious home decor, various trifles are of particular importance. For example, cushions. You can decorate them with your own hands, thereby giving ordinary objects a unique and handmade style.

Here is a pillow and concise, and festive at the same time. For decoration, you can take pieces of guipure or organza of different colors. Then twist the flowers out of them and sew them to the base of the pillow.

And such a pillow can be given to the newlyweds on the day of their marriage. For a decorative heart, guipure pieces will also be useful. By the way, they can be arranged so that the gaps between the pieces are not visible!

Another option pillows with hearts. This time, just carve out two outlines of a heart out of fabric, sew them, tamp down with padding and decorate with a bow. You can decorate any pillow with such igolnitsy hearts!

And here is the New Year's pillow decoration option. Lush Christmas tree of green guipure! And of courseThere are balls and garlands on this Christmas tree! By the way, the Christmas tree can be made both so voluminous and unpretentious, forming only the outline of the image (for example, from a green lace).

Exquisite look and tenderness - this is what distinguishes pillows with lace from any other. Well, to make such a product is very simple: sew a pillowcase from monophonic cotton or linen, draw a horizontal line from the slightly gathered wide lace at the side. Well, focus on the center of the lace - a thin line of the same color as the base of the pillowcase.

A similar variant of decoration, but not with lace, but with a strip of fabric. Treat the strip (clasp it with ribbons or tape around the edges), then cut it out and stick it to the pillowcase pillow. Decorate the center line with a ribbon.

You can decorate the pillow with small roses: twist a strip of fabric into a roll and sew it to a pillowcase. Or attach to the cushion a sequin on the strings so that they shine and rustle on the product.

Pillow with lush vegetation is suitable for plain and simple interiors. Sew small leaves on either side of the ribbon or fabric strip. Then attach these “creepers” to the pillow, making parallel seams.

Sequins - universal decoration. True, it is not suitable for everyone. But if you like shiny interior items, sew on a pillow just such a scale of sequins! It turns out such a scaly pillow - well, just like a fish!

Brilliant ribbon curls are also a great way to make an exquisite pillow. Just twist the roll from the braid, sew it to the pillow and slightly bend the edges of the braid in some places. More festive will be a variation of colors from a brilliant braid.

And this is a gigantic version of biscorn. Soft cushion, in the center of which is sewn a tightening element. In addition, it looks beautiful black transparent fabric, superimposed on a beige material.

Options for decorating the pillow from lace. Simple and stylish! The main thing - do not forget to sew the middle of the flower, that is, a button.

Ideas for decorating pillows can be varied. From lace flowers to delicate plant patterns.

Laconic rose on a dark background. Very stylishly, this decoration looks exactly on the side!

And here is the general variant: both lace and flowers. This pillow contains all three primary colors of decor: red, white and black.

Pillows with flowers can be exquisite ...

... and rustic.

You can create them in any style!

For decoration, you can safely use the laces - both purchased and crocheted.

The more plump the pillow - the more when you want to sleep it!

It would seem that unnecessary remnants of cloth, and such beautiful flowers make them!

That is such a cute peony can be made. Please note: it would not be so beautiful if it were not for the leaves.

And these flowers successfully complement the lace petals.

Small roses are also very beautiful!

Chubby flowers will make the pillow very cute.

Beaded cushion is a real masterpiece! But to make such a problem: it takes a lot of time.

You can add flowers beads.

Or thin ribbons.

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