Pin "Blooming tulips"

Jewelery in the form of flowers give a woman a special charm, femininity and appeal. But thanks to different types of needlework, each craftswoman can make herself an ornament according to her own taste and preference.
 hairpin Blooming tulips
To make such a flower for a hairpin:
- glue gun. - leaflets for decoration. - barrette. - tweezers. - large golden beads of 12 pieces. - lighter. - red wide satin ribbon . - scissors. 1 creation of petals. From a tape 5 cm wide will be required 34 parts cut length of 5 cm. From these squares for the workpiece to be cut petals. To do this, make the two upper corners rounded.
All petals are the same color, therefore such preparations should be made from all prepared squares. Sections of parts must be treated with fire, so that the fabric does not crumble.When processing the rounded part of the petal, cautiously cauterize the edge for a few seconds. Thanks to this lengthy heat treatment, the tape cut will start to curl a bit. The result will be petals like a real tulip. Further along the bottom edge of the petals, you need to make two small folds and burn them with fire to fix in this state.

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