Pins Bracelet

Various accessories have always been for the girl something more than just a beautiful thing. It is thanks to the various decorations, it is possible to judge the character of a person. The color scale, the material of the product, its image and many other qualities of decoration can tell the interlocutor about the true values ​​of the person. In accessories, I especially appreciate not the high cost and luxury, but simplicity and originality. The bracelet made of pins bribed me with just such qualities. It took me about half an hour of free time to create it, and its lifespan is unlimited. In addition, depending on the circumstances, it can be easily combined with both the sporting style and wear for a trip to the cafe. To make it, it took me:  it took me
Ordinary pins, Eyeglass for jewelry, Beads, Beads, Pliers. First of all, we type beads for each pin.
 type beads
I did this in random order, but it was possible to make some kind of pattern.To do this, it is enough to calculate the number of beads, placed on one pin, and on a preliminary sketch on paper string the beads of the selected shades. After the opening part of the pin is full, you need to close it and squeeze the head with the pliers. So you can be sure that in the process of wearing it will not open and will not hurt you.
 squeeze the head with pliers
On average, a lightly full hand goes where 30-35 pins.
 pins with beads
When everything is ready, you can start to collect a bracelet. To do this, you need two pieces of special rubber bands. It can usually be found in any shop for needlework or sewing. The length of the segment should be equal to the girth of the wrist + small tails in order to make a knot.
 make a knot
Now we begin to string on one of the rubber bands pins, alternating them with beads.
start string
Sew a rubber band through the holes in the bottom of the pin.In addition, you need to ensure that all pins, looked beaded side in the same direction. String is needed until the size of the resulting fringe in a calm position is equal to the wrist volume.  the resulting fringe As soon as we understand that it is enough - we set everything this is on a double node and crop the extra.  we tie everything when tying, it is better not to stretch it, or else the bracelet will not fit into your hand. Now we repeat the stringing process for the lower part.
 Pins Bracelet
Our bracelet from pins is ready.
 Bracelet made from pins with your own hands

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