Plastic facades for the kitchen

The choice of kitchen design is a very important matter, the hostess should feel comfortable on her territory, but at the same time all family members should feel the ease of use and practicality.

Manufacturers offer kitchen furniture of various styles: from modern to hi-tech. Apart from the fact that it is necessary to choose the main stylistic orientation of the room design, it is necessary to determine the material for the production of facades (frontal furniture) of the kitchen; they can be made of various materials or their combinations. The most practical and accessible facades are plastic. They are suitable for creating any style of design.

Creation of plastic facades for the kitchen is carried out according to the postforming technique - a plate made of particle board or MDF is covered with plastic when high pressure and temperature are used. Plastic is used sheet or roll (cheaper).

Advantages of using facades made using this technique:

  • The facade is resistant to moisture, even if it is located in close proximity to the sink;
  • This coating is heat resistant;
  • Mechanical damage or detergents are not afraid of him;
  • The color of the product will not change under the influence of bright sunlight;
  • The plastic coating does not emit toxic fumes;
  • Low cost of this facade (the price depends on the type of plastic)
  • Ability to manufacture curved facades.

In the process of long-term use, there are also some drawbacks:

  • When creating structures of natural materials (for example, wood) it is noticeable that this is only an imitation;
  • In places with the greatest load, the film can peel off from the base, so it is better to choose a plastic sheet coating;
  • The matte surface is not very practical to clean, and fingerprints are visible on the glossy.

Plastic facades justify the demands placed on them, but when choosing, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and to the guarantees it provides. The facade, made with observance of all technologies, will not create any problems, on http: //mik.ukr/ an excellent choice of kitchens with really high-quality facades.

If you want to design a kitchen in high-tech style, you can also use plastic facades, complementing them with a profile and accessories made of aluminum, as well as the accompanying elements characteristic for this style.

Using plastic kitchen fronts, it's easy to realize any designer's idea. The coating can be of different colors, with the structure of wood, stone, marble or others. Texture - matte or glossy, regardless of the selected color. It looks interesting in the interior of the facades with a plastic coating in a narrow aluminum profile. Clicking on the link http: //мик.ukr/kuhni-na-show.html you can see the work of the company MIK, in the photo gallery of excellent quality. We recommend to try the full-screen mode.

Using imagination, design tips and modern trends in design, you can create a unique and comfortable kitchen with the most practical and durable plastic coating.

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