Pompom mat

Everyone wants to have in their home beautiful, cozy and practical things, and if they are also made by your hands, then this is simply magical. Add in your space such a nice little thing, like a rug made of pompons. They are very soft, warm and cozy, and it's not at all difficult to make them yourself, you just have to want it. So, let's get ready and gather all the necessary materials in the work. For this we need: • pen or pencil • sharpened scissors • heavy paper or cardboard • template for drawing a circle (for example, a cup) • thick threads that are pleasant to you or suitable for color room design • large needle • fabric for the base (it should be tight, slanting inlay (optional). Now you can begin the process su. First, think about the size and shape you want. Make a sketch, make a little fantasy. Second, we need to make lots of pom-poms. To do this, we need to cut out thick paper two identical blanks.Let's take two sheets of cardboard or thick paper, draw a circle on them with the help of our improvised pattern, and inside one more circle, but smaller (it is very convenient to use a compass for this). Next, we cut out our resulting rings. Now we are threading a thick thread into a large needle, and we begin to wrap it around our rings on a circle, at once on two folded ones simultaneously. You can do this simply with your hands, but when there are already a lot of threads on the template, it will be more difficult for you. When the middle is almost completely filled with coiled threads, cut the thread and proceed to the next step. Take sharp scissors and carefully cut the thread, passing the blade along the edge between the two patterns. Take a small tight thread and skip it between paper circles and tie it tightly to pull together the strings that are on the rings. The tips of this thread do not need to be cut, they will still be useful to us. Carefully remove the patterns. All - pompon ready. We can proceed to the following and so on until there are as many of them as we need for the rug to match our sketch. Another great option is to wind the threads on the legs of the chair.
 wind the threads on the legs of the chair
 form in two copies
When you are finished with pom-poms, take a dense fabric (it can be jeans, felt or any other dense fabric) Using the image on our sketch, cut the shape you need in two copies.
 section im thread
Using the" tails "from pompons and a large needle, fasten them on one of the two pieces of fabric in a nice order, but so that they hold tightly to each other. Now we put the second half down to close the inaccurate nodules from the pompon mounting and sew along the edges, processing it with an oblique inlay. Can also be crocheted. If you do not have thick fabric in your arsenal, you can also tie the blank yourself. And if you show a creative approach, you can add paws, a head to this rug, a pretty animal will come out. Or if the rug is round, you can make beams on the edges or fringe.
rug of pom-poms
Flower, sun, whatever, here you are limited only by the flight of fancy.

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