Pop-Up Happy Birthday Box

Any person, of course, is very loved in his birthday to receive surprises and nice gifts. Someone loves sweets very much, another loves flowers and souvenirs, and still others just love something so unusual that they simply didn’t even expect to receive on their birthday. Some people in general on their birthday like to be left alone with themselves and think about their lives. But still, most people celebrate birthday, if not with friends in a noisy and cheerful company, then at least in the circle of their loved ones and relatives. How to surprise the birthday boy and what is he so unusual to give? All people are different, therefore, interests and taste preferences are also diverse, it is simply impossible to please everyone. Since ancient times and to this day, a greeting card is an obligatory attribute of any holiday. After all, it’s not just a piece of paper with a poem that is open, it’s your sincere wishes from the bottom of your heart are only written verbally in this postcard.The choice of cards, of course, is huge now, and it happens that you go to the store to choose, and your eyes just run away from a huge range, but if you look closely at it, then they are all identical and boring. And you want some mysteries and secrets to remember for many years. We need to invent a little, take everything you need and make a card with a secret box with your own hands, and handicraft equipment for working with paper scrapbooking will serve as a very good assistant. We will do not just a postcard, but a 3D one in Pop-Up style. For the master class, we need to take the following: • Marble pink A4 cardboard; • Scheme; • Scrap paper in several shades, in soft pink colors; • Pictures with hares, owls and flowers; • Two congratulatory inscriptions "Happy Birthday": one stamped, the second printed; • Pearl openwork circle in white; • Butterflies cut out in pink; • Curb hole; • Flowers from different materials pink, red, two-colored; • Pink berries with sugar powder; • White organza ribbon; • • Buttons eskers and small polubusiny; • Double-sided tape; • PVA glue; • Glue gun; • Other miscellaneous decorations as desired; • Lighter,scissors, ruler, pencil.
 Pop Up Style Box
we need to take us the following
So, to begin with, we cut out 18 * 30 cm of marble cardboard, now we divide it into the following parts according to the scheme. We make cuts, where the lines are of the cut color, and in the rest we make scoring with scissors. /9/826-vyrezaem-iz-mramornogo-kartona.jpg "alt =" cut from marble cardboard "title =" cut from marble cardboard ">
 cut from marble cardboard
 cut blanks
 cut blanks
Now from different papers we cut such scrap of paper blanks. From the remaining cardboard, we make three lintels, decorate them with a curb hole punch, and glue scrap pieces with them.
Pictures cut
 Cutting pictures
Cutting pictures, smoothing out the edges, toning with an ink pad.Sticking with double-sided tape images to paper.
 Sew on typewriter pictures and inscriptions
We sew a typewriter with pictures and inscriptions
Sew on typewriter pictures and inscriptions. Now we paste all parts from scrapbook to the base.
 sew with typewriter
 sew with machine
Also sew with machine. We glue the circle with the bunny on the stand base, then we glue the Pop-up card itself and then the jumpers, we glue all the PVA.
 Sticking on the lintels of the picture
Sticking on the lintels of the picture
Sticking on the jumpers of the picture, as well as on strips of paper that are sticking to the jumpers, is obtained in bulk.
 Sticking on the lintels of the picture
 The decor is left
The decor that is sticking a pistol.Done! The postcard box looks like a box, and at the same time it can be folded up with a postcard!
 Decor left
 Pop Up Style Box
Pop Up Style Box

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