Postcard embroidered with ribbons

Embroidery with ribbons is an old and unusually beautiful kind of needlework. It is this technique that we will use to make a postcard. Traditionally, patterns are embroidered on thick and opaque fabrics, but for postcards it is more convenient to use thick paper or cardboard. A person who is not familiar with embroidery will be able to make such a postcard. We will need: a blank for a postcard, colored cardboard, curly and ordinary scissors, glue. Satin ribbons: green and white 3 mm thick, and blue - 7 mm. Tapestry and ordinary needles, fine needles or awl, thread, lighter. For a start, you need to cut a square with curly scissors from colored cardboard. It should be about 1 cm narrower than the workpiece. It is this square that we will embroider. First, on the wrong side, we mark places where the needle with the ribbon will pass through the cardboard.  Postcard embroidered with ribbons
Now with the needle pierced the marked holes and expand them with an awl or knitting needle.  Card embroidered with ribbons It’s better to make the central horizontal row of holes wider than the others, because we’ll have to pass the ribbons through them twice. Now we’ll start embroidering. Cut off 20-25 see the green ribbon. We cut the ribbon tip diagonally, lightly melt it with a cigarette lighter and thread it into the tapestry needle.
 Card embroidered with ribbons
Melt the ends necessary in order to the tape was not tattered during the work. Now the tape needs to be fixed, h So that she didn’t slip out of the eyelet during the embroidery process: pierce the tape with the needle tip a few millimeters from the edge, and then pull the longer end.
Postcard embroidered with ribbons
Glue the free edge of the tape to the inside of our square. We stretch the needle to the front side, twist the ribbon into a tube and through the opposite hole bring it to the wrong side. We got a stalk. In the same way we make two more stalks. Then we cut the tape and glue the remaining tip from the inside out.
Postcard embroidered ribbons
 Postcard embroidered with ribbons We take the blue ribbon, fix it, as well as the previous one and display it on the face "Through the same hole as the stem. (Figure 8) Now, from the wrong side, we draw an ordinary needle and thread through the tape. Grab the ribbon on the front side with a “forward needle” stitch. (Figure 9) We tighten the tape well and wind it on the wrong side. Similarly, we make the remaining flowers.
 A card embroidered with ribbons
With a thin ribbon we tie up the resulting" bunch ".
 Card, embroidered with ribbons
Now we just need to glue our embroidery to the blank and the card is ready!
 Card, embroidered with ribbons

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