Postcard "Heart with a children's palm"

On the eve of the wonderful romantic holiday of the Day of All Lovers, many people buy valentines (heart cards) as a gift. But it’s quite possible to make valentines with your own hands from available materials at home. Happy Valentine's Day is congratulated not only by young lovers, but also by the children of their parents and grandparents. Therefore, the children and I decided to make our beloved grandmother a gift card in the shape of a heart with a child's hand. Materials needed:
  • Colored cardboard;
  • Paper napkins;
  • Glue for PVA;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors.
Postcard Heart with child's hand
From the colored cardboard, choose one sheet of any color, but different from the color of paper napkins, otherwise it will merge. We chose a yellow cardboard and napkins of pink. On the cardboard on the back we draw a heart of any size with a pencil.And we cut it with scissors.
 Postcard Heart with a child's hand
In the center of the cardboard heart carefully draw a child's palm with a pencil, as shown in the next photo.
Postcard A heart with a baby hand
My baby is only nine months old, so the hand is small and and its decoration is quite enough of one paper towel. Cut it with scissors into fragments of the same size. Next, squeezing the fragments of the napkin with your fingers, we make paper balls.
 Card Heart with a child's hand
Drawn child's hand on a cardboard heart with lubricant with white glue. Postcard Heart with a child's hand
Gently but quickly, until the glue hardens, we glue the pink paper ball .

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