Greeting card with bulk cat

Postcard - a great birthday present. It can be made with your own hands, while it will turn out original and bright. We must start with the preparation of all the necessary items: - ruler; - blue and red scrapbooking paper; - two sheets of white paper; - double-sided tape; - simple pencil ; - eraser; - colored pencils; - glue stick; - curly scissors; - simple scissors. Now you can make a postcard: 1. Blue sheet of paper for scrapbooking bend in half;
 Scissors pencil paper
2. Draw a small square on a red piece of scrapbooking paper;
 sheet of paper
3. Cut the square;
 mark up a piece of paper
4. Trim the edges of the square with scissors;
cut off
5. Bend the square in half with the red side inwards; 6. In the middle of the fold, mark a distance of two centimeters. Draw two parallel lines about 3 cm long; -list.jpg "alt =" turn the sheet "title =" turn the sheet ">
7. Scissor cuts along the lines;
 mark it with lines
 make cuts
8. Unbend the resulting ledge;
9. Spread the whole square from the back side except the lip with glue;  smear glue 10. Stick a red square inside the postcard so that the fold line of the postcard and the fold line of the square match; /images/1/1055-prikleivaem.jpg "alt =" glue "title =" glue "> 11. On a sheet of white paper, draw a cat with a gift;  draw a kitten 12. Eraser erase all the pencil lines;  erase the eraser  we color the cat 13.Color the picture with colored pencils;
cut out
14. Scissors carefully cut out the seal;
 put glue on the protrusion
15. Apply one of the sides of the protrusion with glue and stick a seal to it;
 glue the kitten
16. On the remaining piece of red scrapbooking paper, draw a heart-shaped outline with a simple pencil;  draw a heart
 cut the heart
17. Cut out the heart with scissors;  sticking on double-sided tape 18. Turn the heart upside down and stick pieces of double-sided tape on it;
 glue to the base of the card
19. Glue the heart on the front side of the postcard, placing it approximately in the middle;
 happy birthday
20.On a piece of white paper, make a sketch of the congratulatory inscription;
 paint with pencils
21. Erase the pencil lines with an eraser. Color the letters with colored pencils;
 figuratively cut out
22. Using curly scissors, cut the inscription;
 sticking tape
 we paste the heart and the inscriptions
23. Turn the inscription on the reverse side and paste a few pieces of double-sided tape on it;
 draw circles
24. Stick the inscription on both sides of the heart;
 cut the circles
25. Draw a few circles on a white sheet of paper using a ruler with a stencil or compass;
 sign with congratulations
26. Cut circles with ordinary scissors;
 smear with cut adhesive
 Postcard with a large cat
27.Use scissors to cut a small rectangle out of paper;
 we glue
28. Using glue-pencil glue circles and a rectangle inside the postcard. You can write good wishes to them.
 postcard with three-dimensional image
 a card with a volumetric cat
Now the postcard with the bulk cat is ready. It looks very original, and therefore will be a great addition to any gift.

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