Potatoes in sour cream: with mushrooms and not only

Recipe with mushrooms

For the preparation of five servings of potatoes in sour cream and mushrooms will need 8 medium potatoes, 1.5-2 kg of fresh mushrooms, 1 onion, 250-300 g of low-fat sour cream and 2 cloves of garlic. In addition, you need to prepare 100 g of thick heavy cream, 50 g of butter, 50-60 g of water at room temperature, a pinch of salt and a pinch of ground black pepper. You can also add your favorite spices that will make the dish even more fragrant. Mushrooms and potatoes are washed, peeled and diced, onions are peeled and cut into half rings, and garlic is passed through a garlic press. The butter is melted in a large frying pan over moderate heat and the onions are fried on transparency, then the potatoes are put on top, they reduce the heat and cover the pan tightly and fry, stirring constantly.
In the fried mushrooms should not add spices and other ingredients, so as not to kill their flavor, so they are fried in another pan.
Then the potatoes are turned off, and mushrooms are laid out in a pan with hot oil, they are fried over high heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly, then the fire is diminished, cream is added to the mushrooms and stewed under the lid for another 10-15 minutes. Ready mushroom zazharku spread in a pan with potatoes, pour all the sour cream with grated garlic and extinguish over medium heat for another 10 minutes. The finished dish give a little brew and served on the table in the form of heat.

Meat Recipe

To cook potatoes with sour cream and meat, you need 500 g pork fillet, 800 g potatoes, 2 small onions, 1 carrot, 300 g low-fat sour cream, 50 g hard cheese, 2 bay leaves, 150 ml water, salt and black pepper to taste. Pork is cut into pieces and fried in a frying pan until golden brown appears, then water is poured in, the fire is reduced and the meat is stewed under the lid for an hour. Potatoes and onions are peeled, cut into cubes and placed in a duck with stewed pork in layers, watering everything from the top with melted fat from a frying pan.
Each layer placed in the meat dish is slightly salted, and the top potato layer is sprinkled with black pepper.
From above the dish is watered with sour cream so that it completely covers its surface.Top the meat sprinkled with grated cheese, put bay leaves and tightly tighten the edges of the duck with foil. Prepared capacity put for an hour in the oven, preheated to 180-200 degrees. After the specified time, the meat is removed from the oven, the foil is removed from it, the layers are mixed and the excellent potatoes with sour cream and tender meat are served.

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