Powerful strobe do-it-yourself

Very powerful LED strobe, which perfectly complements any dance floor disco. The stroboscope is built on three LED arrays with a total power of 150 W. The principle of the device is to give very short light pulses (flashes) after a specified period of time. The action is very much like lightning in the rain, when a completely dark room for milliseconds illuminates a bright light. During a disco, it looks especially fascinating. Details: LEDs for mains voltage with integrated driver:
Powerful strobe light do-it-yourself

Strobe light pattern

A powerful strobe with my own hands
I would not say that the scheme is complex, rather simple. But it is not electrically isolated by voltage, which means you cannot touch any circuit elements during its operation and be especially careful during assembly. Visually, the circuit can be divided into a 12 V power supply unit, a pulse generator,LED rectifier and line-up.

Strobe light operation

The NE555 chip contains a short pulse generator. The time between pulses can be changed by turning the knob of the variable resistor R3. The output of this generator is connected to a key on a field-effect transistor, which switches the voltage of 220 V into the power supply circuit of LED arrays connected in parallel to each other. LED arrays are supplied with direct current, which is straightened by a diode bridge. This is necessary in order to be able to switch the circuit by a field-effect transistor, which operates only with a constant voltage.
Powerful strobe do-it-yourself

Strobe Assembly

The stroboscope is assembled in the casing of the cable channel. The LEDs are bolted to the wide side, without radiators. Since the LED is used somewhere around 2-5% of its power (pulsed operation), there is no need for heat sinks.
Powerful strobe DIY
The side walls are cut from the same cable channel and glued with glue. A variable resistor for frequency adjustment is displayed above.flicker.
Powerful strobe do-it-yourself
Powerful strobe DIY
Circuit blocks in the case:
Powerful strobe do-it-yourself
Powerful strobe do-it-yourself
Powerful strobe do-it-yourself
Do-it-yourself powerful strobe


The LEDs are very powerful and can damage your eyes, so it’s not recommended to look at them when working. Gating flashes are especially dangerous, as the eye relaxes in the dark, and a bright impulse penetrates directly into the retina. Just do not forget that the whole circuit is under mains voltage, life-threatening.

Result Unfortunately, the stroboscope cannot be transmitted via photo or video. Since even a video camera very badly catches a short pulse and it eventually just lights up. But I can say from myself that the strobe was excellent, the flashes are short and very bright.It looks very impressive, in general, everything is as it should.

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