Pregnant model began to give birth right on the catwalk

Slick Woods was taken to the nearest hospital right after the defile.

The show of Rihanna’s clothing collection last Wednesday turned out to be saturated. The singer and part-time fashion designer rather unconventionally approached the selection of models for his show. There were plump and thin, and even pregnant, and not some fifth month, like Lily Aldridge, and the last dates. Everyone was dressed up very sexy and even a little defiant: lace, silk, stockings, tiny panties. And the pregnant model Slick Woods was more likely to be stripped: stockings, high heels, nipples and intricate panties. In general, tattoos covered more body than clothes.

Photo: Legion-Media

But god with him, with a dress. It turned out that the 22-year-old Slik went to the podium when she already started fighting. It is not known what effort it cost her to keep her face, because the pain at the same time twists the whole body, and it also rolls so suddenly ...

Immediately after the defile, Slick was taken to the nearest hospital.She managed to say that she was waiting for the boy, to whom they, together with the father of the child, the model Adonis Bosso, had already come up with a name - Safir.

By the way, pregnant Lily Aldridge, one of Victoria’s Secret angels, looked like this on the catwalk.

Sep 9, 2018 at 5:50 am PDT

Photo: GettyImages
Photo: GettyImages

And this is what Mara Martin looked like, a model that participated in the show of a collection of swimsuits six months after giving birth. She took her little daughter with her to the podium.

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