Product prices will be available on mobile.

How much is bread, meat and milk in all regions of Russia, it will be possible to find out using the mobile Internet.
Prices of products in stores
Prices of products in stores
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From November 1, the Ministry of Agriculture will launch the Mobile Informer system, which allows online monitoring of prices for the main types of agricultural products - grain, meat, milk, sugar.

According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Elena Skrynnik, everyone can get access to the system, in particular, via mobile phones. To connect to the free service, it will be enough to use any device that supports the function of the Internet.

In addition to information about the prices of food products, Mobile Informer will allow to monitor the use of agricultural land, predict the harvest, as well as damage from drought or frost, which is relevant for our country after an abnormally hot summer and expected winter cold.In addition to the system, the Ministry of Agriculture is already monitoring prices in all regions, and the information is updated every two weeks for 180 products and 80 types of equipment. The new project is still in test mode.

Progress in Russia has really gone far. On October 1, the General Staff of the Armed Forces stated thatsome recruits instead of traditional agendas will get sMS.

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