Proper Skin Care

How often in the choice of cosmetics women are guided by two or three most important from their point of view parameters. Dry skin? Need a moisturizer. Oily skin? We buy a cream containing tannins. Is it any wonder after this that your natural charm is slowly and inexorably melting?

Actually choosing the right makeup is quite difficult. First, because there is no universal cream that would help you always and everywhere. You will not question the decision of manufacturers to produce a special hand cream, separate for the face, and completely different for the body. All right Each area of ​​our skin has its own characteristics, its structure and needs appropriate care.

Secondly, do not forget about the time of year. The same cream can manifest itself in different ways on a hot summer evening and on a frosty winter morning. Therefore, every woman should have at least two sets of cosmetics - for the summer and for the winter. Thirdly, you never thought aboutWhy do cosmetic companies produce such a wide range of seemingly similar products? The fact is that not only the season and type of your skin dictate the requirements for cosmetics. Your lifestyle is also important.

Although, there is an Israeli cosmetics Elevatione time stops, which is worthy of attention. Smoking, alcohol and nightclubs inevitably lead to skin draining. But fast foods and unhealthy food with a high degree of probability will provide it with an unpleasant greasy shine. Best of all, of course, adjust your lifestyle. And, of course, to provide the necessary assistance to their own skin. At least, in order not to fight for a long time and with varying success with early wrinkles and comedones. Your state of health also imposes its requirements on the choice of cosmetics. Chronic diseases directly affect the condition of your skin. It is possible that you need to lower its sensitivity. And also feed it with vitamins. Or saturate with moisture. Take this into account when choosing cosmetics. Finally, look at yourself in the mirror. See a dull complexion? So, it's time to buy cosmetics with a high content of vitamins. There was a pigmentation? A cream with a high SPF filter is required.Noticed the capillary mesh? Go to the funds created for sensitive skin. And, maybe, even on cosmetics, which contains ingredients that have a positive effect on strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

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