Pros and cons of building a socle of red brick

The basement is the foundation of the house between the foundation and the main walls of the house. The erection of bearing walls is distributed on the plinth, therefore it is very important to take into account all the factors that will make the optimal choice of the material from which it will be built when selecting the building material for the basement floor.
building a socle of red brick
The most reliable and common material for the construction of the socle is the red brick.
 building a socle of red brick Positive aspects of red brick:1. Less susceptible to cracking than white brick and concrete; 2. Resistant to moisture; 3. Resistant to temperature changes 4.It is lightweight; 5. Good sound insulation; 6. Recyclability; 7. It is subdivided into several types and classes; 8. Environmentally friendly product (made of baked clay); 9. Red brick is a warm building material. In a climate characterized by a clear division into seasons, and also characterized by sharp and large temperature differences, the construction of a red brick base will be quite justified. When buying a red brick, you need to know that the greater the number with the letter M on its label, the stronger the brick, to build a high house with several floors, it is better to choose a brick with a marking from M 100. You should also pay attention to frost resistance - the more cycles the better.
 building a red brick cap
When building a cap with a red brick, you should make a wall thickness of at least 520 mm. In addition, the basement should be equipped with good waterproofing so that its walls do not form with time, and they are resistant to extreme frost.Insulation is best done by extruded polystyrene foam.
 building a red brick cap
If everything is done in strict accordance with the design decision, there will be no cap for many years problems.
 building a red brick cap
Cons building red brick va plinth: The most important disadvantage of red brick today is its quality. The seller may even have a brick certificate, but other than that, produce it in other places without a certificate. Therefore, it becomes difficult to choose a good red brick that meets all the necessary requirements. The second disadvantage is the cost of such a brick. It is estimated to be more expensive than silicate due to the fact that it takes more time and cost to manufacture. The third disadvantage is that if you have to buy more red bricks for construction, the color may be different and the visible part of the base will be in different colors of red.

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