Provence-style kitchen design ideas

Fashion is temporary, style is eternal. Therefore, it is always necessary to follow different stylistic directions, which are characterized by certain characteristics.

Today, the most popular style in the interior is European. Here and laconic Scandinavian design and light and romantic Provence and many other different directions. And the choice of style, in the first place, depends on which part of the house / apartment will be repaired. For example, the best will look the kitchen interior in the style of Provence.

Provenceis the simplicity of lines, natural materials, calm and peaceful light colors - this palette of this style includes olive, blue, white, gray and sandy colors. From which white takes a leading position.

Lighting also plays a big role in this style. It should be moderate and soft, creating a warm and soulful atmosphere in the room. often made of coarse forged metals or brass.Often, such models are decorated with porcelain inserts, fabric and glass shades. The most democratic lamps are made of aluminum and brass. Elements from crystal glass are often used, and the fabrics are made in floral ornament. These are the main parameters from which it is necessary to make a start when modeling a room.

Furniture should be in light pastel shades. Often it is milky or completely white. But all the furniture must be artificially old, have scuffs or scratches, as well as be simple and not expensive to look at.

Forged items in the kitchen play their important role, it can be accessories made of bronze and copper. Even the smallest objects of fine forging, for example, hooks for towels or stands for flowers, are an important part of this style and create comfort in the house. Among the metal accessories in the kitchen in the style of Provence can be found and copper shelf handles and containers for storing various cereals.

Provence style kitchen design is the right combination of colors and their shades:

- Olive shade is better to choose if the kitchen has copper products in combination withmahogany furniture; - sand shades, at the same time, perfectly harmonize with brown, and blue with white. The latter is often found in the French-style kitchen inventory; - all shades of blue and blue refresh the interior and cool it a bit. The color of aqua perfectly with gray;

And yet, the white Provence style kitchen is classic and the most popular among the shades. This is due to the fact that white visually increases the volume of the kitchen, creating space in it, and also gives additional light. However, it is better to complement the white color with interesting elements of decor, including furniture of a different color palette.

Furniture in the kitchen is one of its most important indicators. On it you can determine the high cost and style of the whole house. Therefore, when choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the following:

- material from which is made - exclusively natural wood; This is the case when the age of furniture is only a plus, vintage fittings, cracks and abrasions, this is something that directly relates to the Provence style; - open shelves - such shelves are carried as functionalduties, and are an interesting decor; - you should give your preference to wicker furniture - wicker chairs, baskets, chairs.

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