PVC Sun Glasses

Plastic windows are wonderful products that provide a high level of comfort and coziness at home, protecting it from precipitation, cold, heat, winds, tons of excess sunlight. In order for the PVC window to have reliable sun protection properties, it is equipped with special glasses. In general, today there is a fairly large number of various designs of polyvinyl chloride, for example, windows with climate control, energy-saving products, etc.

A glass unit is one of the most important elements of a plastic window. Its characteristics largely determine the properties of the window as a whole. The property list also includes protection from sunlight. To date, there are different forks of sun glasses, capable of both absorbing solar radiation and reflecting it. These properties can be obtained by using oxides and nitrites of metal, which are applied in a thin layer on glass. This coating does not see the human eye, but it can reduce the level of penetration of sunlight into the interior by about 20-35%.Now many companies offer a variety of discounts on plastic windows. Thus, you can purchase an unusual design with unique properties at a lower price.

There are three types of sun glasses that are used in plastic windows. These include glass with energy-efficient coating, mirror coating, as well as transparent colored glass. For more information about each of them, you can follow the link to a special site.

Plastic windows, which are equipped with mirrored glass, ways to partially absorb and partially reflect the energy from the sun's rays. This way they reduce the level of its intensity by about 30-35%. The amount of reflected and absorbed light is light depends on the specific composition of the deposition, as well as its immediate properties. You may notice that the window has a mirror coating only from the street side, because it is transparent from inside the room.

Double-glazed windows with a special energy-efficient coating and colorless transparent glass, as a rule, are used in residential buildings.Such glass can simultaneously perform two important functions, including protection from light and heat. Energy-efficient coating may not transmit intense sunlight, but at the same time release infrared long-wave energy to the outside. It radiates heating devices. Relative to ordinary glass, the degree of sun protection increases by about 50-75%, and the level of thermal protection increases approximately twice.

Clear colored glass is a kind of optical and thermal filter that absorbs up to 20% of light and up to 30% of heat.

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