Queen Elizabeth disappointed in the series "Crown"

The creator of the series "Crown" Peter Morgan was very proud that his child was watching Elizabeth II herself. The singer of the role of Princess Margaret Vanessa Kirby told about this in May: “My friend was recently at a party at which he almost did not know anyone. He approached a group of people who were talking about our show. And then one girl exclaimed: "My grandmother likes it." My friend looked at her and recognized in her the granddaughter of Elizabeth II, this was one of the princesses. My friend is a reliable source, so now I’m sure: the queen is a fan of our series! ”However, it seems that Morgan was a bit overdone with drama in the second season. As a source told the British edition of Express, Elizabeth upset the ninth series called Paterfamilias, in which Prince Philip calls his son a weakling because he can not withstand bullying at Gordonstown school, where he studied.

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