Painting from Wax Crayons & "Rain Rain"

Rainbow wax paintingwith your own hands. Previously described how to make a picture by melting wax crayons. Here the project has become a bit complicated by adding cardboard figures, which makes the picture much more interesting and beautiful.

Materials and tools:

  1. canvas;
  2. glue gun;
  3. hair dryer;
  4. multi-colored wax crayons
  5. silver marker;
  6. silhouettes of figures with a cardboard umbrella;
  7. matt black paint in a can.

Step 1

Prepare the canvas - paint it from the can with black matte paint (you can choose any color) and leave it to dry completely. We paint in several layers.

Step 2

After the paint has dried, we take the cardboard figures and paste them to the canvas, having previously painted the figures with a silver marker.On top of the figures gently glue masking tape, which will subsequently be removed. You can choose any drawing you like and cut out the figures.

We select the necessary amount of wax crayons, choose colors and glue them on top of the canvas with a hot glue gun.

Step 3

Take a canvas and put it against the wall. Now take a hair dryer, put on the hottest and slowest flow of air, and slowly begin to melt wax crayons.

Melting of crayons is adjustable by the inclination of the canvas and the heating of the chalk by the hair dryer.

After you have finished melting the crayons, remove the masking tape from the figures.

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