Pillow with embroidery "Retrocar"

Pillow with embroidery "Retro car"- a stylish pillow with embroidered retro car will be a great gift for a car enthusiast.


Step 1

First, sew the fabric edge. Cut 6 cm wide strips of red fabric along the oblique line. It is important to cut it along an oblique line, because the elasticity of the fabric in this direction is much higher than when cutting in a straight line.

Place the ends of the strips on top of each other in the shape of a "V". Sew them along the top edge and bend back. So you get a straight strip with a diagonal seam. Continue to act similarly until you get a strip of 120 cm long.

Wrap a cord around the fabric and secure with pins. Sew with a wide incision. Attach the finished piping pins to the pillow around its perimeter. Cut ends of the edge to join the ends. At one end, fold the trimmed edge of the red fabric inward and wrap it with the fabric at the other end of the edge.

Place the fabric for the backside on the embroidery and secure with pins.The machine prostrochite along the outer edge of the rim, as close as possible thereto. Instead of the usual sewing foot type "J".

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