Retro gamer pad

Collect the materials and come up with a design

Retro gamer pad
Retro gamer pad
Retro gamer pad
Retro gamer mat
For this work you will need:
  • Multicolored rugs - soft and shaggy rugs in the photo with a split pile, you can choose something else.
  • Twine - it will take a lot, maybe more than 100 m.
  • Needles - in fact, you only need one, but it can get lost ... so keep a couple more in reserve.
  • A knife with a retractable blade and a few spare blades.
  • Measuring tape.
    • Bend the needle or use pre-formed semicircular needles, then it will be easier for you to stick it.
    • For sharpen the tip of the needle so that it is easier to enter into a hard cloth.
    • Take your time - the process will still take quite some time, so do not try to do everything at once.

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