Roll with ham and cheese

Roll with ham and cheese - a recipe for rolls.


  1. Armenian lavash 1-2 pieces;
  2. cream cheese 1 tbsp. l;
  3. lettuce 1 sheet;
  4. White cabbage;
  5. carrot;
  6. tomato 1 pc;
  7. ham 2 slices;
  8. chicken breast;
  9. salt and pepper.


Boil chicken breast. It will take quite a bit. Cut a couple of oblong slices, and if desired, fry a little. Cabbage finely chop or grate. Grate carrots on a coarse grater. Cut 2-3 small slices of tomato, and a couple of slices of ham.

Starting to form a roll:

Take pita bread and grease it with cream cheese. We spread on top evenly torn leaves of lettuce. Then cabbage, carrots, slices of tomato, ham, and finally chicken. Carefully wrap and enjoy. Roll with ham and cheese is ready.

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