Rose Basket

Winter is not a reason for the absence of flowers in the house. From satin or brocade ribbons you can create beautiful roses that will decorate your house all year round.
 basket of roses
In order to create a basket of roses it will take several Materials: 1. Multiple white satin ribbons. One meter of ribbon is 5 cm wide spent on one rose, so the number of meters is equal to the number of desired roses. 2. One meter tape of brocade, the color of which is golden. The width of the tape should be 4-5 cm. 3. Glue-gun or other its name - hot melt. 4. Shopping Cart. 5. Several sheets of white paper. 6. Toothpicks.
need several materials
We begin the creative process by filling the contents of the basket with paper. After all, the roses will lie on top of the basket, and in order to fix them in this position - it is necessary to fill all voids with paper filling. Roll one sheet into another, and repeat this several times.
Roll one sheet
Then place the package in the basket and press it gently.
place the bundle

In the next step, you need to start twisting the roses. Put the ribbon inside out and bend the edge at an angle of 30 degrees. Now roll up the little tapes tours. The lower part of the ribbon, which will turn into a bud, must be sewn with threads.  begin to twist the roses
When the flower bud is fixed, you must bend the ribbon up and form a circle of petals.
 bend the tape
Constantly bending the tape away from itself, it is necessary to form the petals of the flower. Every second bend should be glued to the previous satin row.
 Constantly turning back the tape
Try not to make exaggerations on one line, but to shift sideways a little, compared to an internal tour. In addition to white satin roses, it is necessary to form a similar flower of golden brocade.Try to fix brocade with glue as often as possible, this material is more “naughty” than atlas.
 rather than atlas
When the flowers are twisted, turn them upside down. In the middle of the flower, paste one toothpick, they will perform the role of pedicels and fix the rose in the paper layers that fill the basket.  Glue in the middle of the flower Each pedicel should be plentifully greased with a sticky hot mass from a pistol and fixed in a basket.
stalk you need
First, a golden rose is planted in the center, and in the next stage white flowers are distributed around it.

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