A rose from the fabric

From the fabric, you can create very original flowers and even flower arrangements. These textile flowers serve as decoration for any surface: clothes, cards, caskets, curtains, hair ties, etc. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a very simple rose from a mixture of different fabrics. Such flowers can be made by everyone without much effort. To create a rose, you will need the following materials and tools: peach-colored chiffon; transparent peach color organza; Organza transparent with white or color matching print; satin white fabric; candle for singeing the edge of the fabric; scissors; paper; pencil; pins; needle; thread.
Fabric select
Select fabric in such a way that all colors are combined with each other. It is desirable that the colors alternate between matte and transparent, light and darker. First, prepare the patterns of the petals. Bend the strip of paper in half and draw halves of hearts in places of bend. Halves should be of different sizes, while the size should increase gradually.Optional patterns can be hearts. But this is the optimal form that can help to achieve the maximum visual effect for the rose.
 we cut out
We fold the fabric in many layers and be sure to fasten all the edges with pins. This is to ensure that the carved hearts are all the same size and the fabric does not creep in different directions. Outline all the templates in pencil. The largest petals will be collected initially, so it is necessary to decide what color will be the first, second, etc. Colors will be gathered in layers. Cut out the petals on the fabric. Billets with pencil marks can be thrown away immediately, as their scorched edges will be black.
 cut the petals
We begin to burn the edges of all the cut petals. This must be done very carefully, so as not to deform the petal. We take tweezers for the sharp end of the heart and hold it over the fire, searing the edges very quickly.
 Begin to burn edges
We have these petals for roses of different sizes anddifferent colors.  we collect a rose from fabric
We begin to collect a rose from the biggest petals. One layer will consist of 4 petals of the same color. We pierce the first petal with a needle and make several small stitches. We withdraw the needle from the wrong side. We fasten the sharp corners of the petals.
 we collect a rose from fabric
We apply the second petal. Stitch the needle from the bottom up and from top to bottom. Thus, the needle should always be displayed below.
 collect a rose from fabric
Collect 4 petals and start to lay out a new layer that is slightly smaller and another color. In the master class, the petals are arranged so that they are opaque and large at the bottom, and the transparent ones alternate with the frosted ones in the upper layers and to the end.
 collect a fabric rose
Gradually reduce the size of petals and alternate colors between them.
 we collect a rose from fabric
Fix the knot on the wrong side.If there is a need to sew the finished rose to any material, then leave the thread for further work. In the middle you can glue the bead or close it with very small petals.
 Rose from fabric
These are beautiful roses made from fabric! Rose from a fabric

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