Sale of agricultural land

Investing in land ownership is a win-win solution that brings profit. This is, perhaps, the only category of real estate, which in time does not become cheaper, but becomes more expensive. Acquisition of the land plot will help not only to stabilize the accumulations, but also to increase them at times.

Our company will help you choose the right option, issue documentation, take possession. The real estate agency has existed for more than a dozen years and for this period the employees have shown themselves as true professionals. Behind each of them is an invaluable, many years of experience, which determines a competent approach to each transaction.Sale of agricultural land isone of the main areas developed by the organization. It is this category of land in recent times in great demand.Experts have collected an extensive database where the most promising plots are presented. Proposals are regularly updated with new projects that can interest many. We offer plots of 2 hectares, of various shapes and distances from the Moscow Ring Road. Most of the options are located near the Dmitrov highway, Yaroslavl, Egoryevsk, Novoryazansk and Gorky. Employees are ready to provide full information about each piece, to give practical recommendations.

Buying agricultural landcan every citizen of Russia. One of the advantages of such an acquisition is its cost - per hundred square meters from 2.700 rubles. At the same time, according to the legislation, the land can be reissued for any needs - a holiday village, individual housing construction and others. The undoubted "plus" is a location with a favorable environmental situation. Here you can grow healthy, healthy products that are in demand.

Decide whether you want to farm, whether you want to invest, and in the future to renew the land for a different purpose - we are ready to help. We guarantee full support of the buyer throughout the whole transaction.Provide advice, legal documentation. Assets are transferred to customers in the property, the immaculate legal purity of the sale is not questioned.

Want to buy land for agricultural needs at a bargain price. The best offers for the sale of land in the suburbs of the owner - UK "Land Management".

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