Save every broken flower: original underwater compositions

There are so many ways to arrange a bouquet of flowers, but for some people not one is suitable. For example, people suffering from allergies, trying to stay away from flowers, and especially not to bring them into the house. In addition, even in the most beautiful bouquet one flower may wither or break off. Here's how to use it.

You will need:

  • Flower (possible with a very short leg);
  • a small transparent vase or a beautiful glass;
  • decorative glass "pebbles";
  • special stand (you can buy at the floristry shop or make it yourself);
  • white;
  • wooden stick

The main purpose of the stand - to keep the flower at the bottom, not letting it float. You can use your own design or purchase such a thing in the store.

Cut the excess length of the stem. Your flower should fit completely in the glass, and a small margin should be left on top.

Dip the flower on the stand in a vase of water, mask the bottom with glass "pebbles". Spread each petal with a wooden stick.

Fill the vase with water so that the flower is completely closed.

Add the whiteness (about a teaspoon to a glass of water) in the vase. Chlorine will prevent rotting of flowers and leaves.

It remains to arrange your little "vases" throughout the house. They will look good both together and separately.

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