Savings on repairs

When planning the renovation of our apartment, we must take into account the costs of ordering and installing stretch ceilings. This thing is beautiful, functional and not cheap, but if you listen to the opinion of a specialist, you can significantly minimize your costs.

Some Important Tips

• Tip # 1. More space means less expense.

The cost of stretch ceilings depends on the area on which they will be installed. The larger it is, the price of 1m2 material is lower. Try to plan the installation of the entire system, throughout the entire repair facility, without breaking it into compartments. This is no doubt more difficult, but it will reduce the issue price by 20-30%. The ceiling is needed only in a small area? Save is still possible! Try to sagit neighbor, include both orders in the general contract and you will receive a price reduction.

• Tip # 2. Remember about possible discounts.

A well-known, self-respecting commercial organization can offer customers different discounts and promotions. It is important not to forget that when ordering a large amount of work you need to negotiate a discount, even if it is not provided in the price list.

• Tip # 3.Install electrical appliances at the same time with the ceiling.

Save 1,000–2,000 p. on services of the electrician it is possible, getting lamps in advance. Many companies, along with services for the equipment of the ceiling, can offer many models of lamps. Shipping and installation in this case will be free. If the appliances have their own, then their connection, by the hands of the masters - "ceiling", will be an order of magnitude less than the work of an electrician from the housing department.

• Tip # 4. Cheap - when all inclusive!

Some companies calculate the cost of each item separately, and the total amount gets a fee for the additional complexity of their installation. When choosing a contractor, preference should be given to those who include in the total cost such moments as the plinth around the perimeter, the fixture for the chandelier, pipes, corners, etc. In this case, the price for suspended ceilings with installation will be much lower.

• Tip # 5. In the morning the ceiling - in the evening money.

If the company asks for prepayment, then do not worry - this is quite normal practice. You need to know that all materials are made in advance and for a specific order.The mistake is that individual customers pay the entire amount before the stretch ceilings are installed and fully equipped. In order to avoid a difficult situation, the final settlement should be made after the contract has been fully completed.

This small list of possible tips will allow you to make a smart choice when calculating the cost of repairs.

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