Scotch swimsuits: the designer put models in duct tape

This is the most frank collection that we have just seen!

“Naked” dresses, skirts exposing the buttocks, stickers on the nipples - who are you surprised by today? A photographer (and more recently a designer) Joel Alvarez went further and created an author's collection of swimsuits ... from narrow stripes and shaped pieces of multi-colored adhesive tape. He presented her at Miami Swim Week.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

He started his project “Black Tape” (“Black Ribbon”) back in 2008. Everything happened by chance: one of the models asked to take a picture of her in a “suit” of black scotch. Then Joel, laughing, recalled that she looked like a "ham, tied with a ribbon." But the idea itself sunk into Alvarez's head.

He began to invent seductive images with a ribbon, to photograph different girls in them. Then he began to sell his designer creations in nightclubs in Miami, and after that all over the world: Ibiza, France, Norway, Canada ... A fashionable photographer had a whole movement of fans. Stars of the stage, top models and fashion bloggers began to strive to get dressed in dresses from Alvarez.

Now such an unusual outfit - from bikini to cocktail dresses - is engaged in a design house called Black Tape Project.

Joel Alvarez wears his model
Photo: Getty Images

“In fact, a woman does not need any clothes to look beautiful. It is enough to cover your nakedness with ordinary non-transparent scotch, ”says Joel.

By the way, on his website he sells brand gold and silver ribbon, from which every girl can make such an extravagant outfit. Roll costs $ 49.99 (slightly more than 3 thousand rubles). So any girl can afford to try on a fashionable image - the main thing is to show a little imagination. And, of course, have the courage - not everyone decides to go to the beach, for example, in one of these bikinis.

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