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Today it is customary to pay much attention to haircuts, hairdos and beauty of hair. Glossy editions and screens of TVs are full of beauties with chic ringlets, which advertise these or other means. Along with grocery shopping, there are many home-made ways to add shine, volume and a healthy look to your hair.

However, few people think that no less care is needed and the scalp. After all, she is experiencing the negative effects of varnishes, paints, gels, mousses and foams for styling. In addition, each individual hair consists of microscopic keratin scales, under which dust, dirt and subcutaneous fat accumulate over time. This worsens the appearance of hair, slowing their growth, can cause dandruff and irritation. To get rid of the problems and restore the beauty of the hair will help regular use of scrub for the scalp. It will cleanse the dermis and provide breathing to the hair follicles.

Scrubs for the scalp of sea salt

In order to have luxurious hair, it is not necessary to resort to expensive store drugs and beauty salon services.It is better to get acquainted with the recipes for preparing scrubs for the scalp at home, allowing you to care for your hair without much effort and extra expenses. Among the most popular are salt peels, they perfectly exfoliate the stratum corneum and stimulate the blood supply to the hair follicles. The recipe for a universal scalp for sea salt scalp:

Salt pour boiling water in such proportions that a creamy solution is obtained. Apply this slurry to the skin at the base of the hair and gently rub. Then comb and gently massage the head for a couple of minutes, starting from the back of the head and ending with the frontal part. This mixture heals the hair and eliminates the increased fat content. Salt renews and restores skin cells, and the minerals that make up nourish the hair.
To stimulate hair growth in the same composition is added a head of pre-chopped onions. Onions, water and salt mix to the consistency of sour cream, gently apply to the skin and curls up to the tips. Massage lightly and hold for half an hour for the best effect, then rinse with water using detergents.This procedure is best done on the weekends, so that there is enough time for weathering the smell of onions.

Scrub for the scalp

For hair prone to shine, you can recommend the following peeling: mix the salt with blue or white clay, previously diluted with water, to get a thick solution. Apply the mixture to the skin at the base of the hair and gently rub a couple of minutes. Regular use of this scrub will make hair strong and radiant.
For owners of fragile dehydrated hair, a wonderful solution is a mixture of salt and leaves of aloe vera. The application process is the same as the previous peelings, however this composition should be washed off with comfortable temperature water without shampoo.

Scrubs for the scalp against hair loss

In periods of off-season, when a lack of vitamins and changing weather conditions adversely affect the state of hair, scrubs for the scalp against hair loss are relevant. Excellent recommendations deserve the following recipes:

Mix from kefir or sour cream and sea salt. Stir the ingredients to a semi-liquid consistency and apply first to the hair, and then to the scalp. Gently massage and rinse with warm water without using any means.The constant use of such peeling will provide a head of hair health and intensive growth, but this composition is more suitable for dry and damaged hair.
Excellent nourishes and moisturizes the scrub from salt and herbs. You can take chamomile, nettles and other available herbs. First, a couple of spoons of herb collection insist on a steam bath, and then cool and mix with salt. Next, apply the mixture to the scalp and gently rub for a few minutes, rinse with water at a comfortable temperature without shampoo. Remains of herbal infusion are used to rinse hair.

Scrubs for the scalp based on ground coffee

Along with salt mixtures, a coffee scrub for the scalp is considered to be an equally effective means of cleansing. It exfoliates the cornified layer, increases blood circulation and acts directly on the hair follicles, strengthening them. Such a recipe is very popular:

You will need crushed grains of natural coffee - usually they take leftovers from a drunk beverage. To them add a dessert spoon of melted honey, egg yolk and a couple of drops of lemon juice to make a semi-liquid consistency.Mix the mixture for about half an hour, then rub it gently into the skin at the base of the hair. Massage and wrap it with a plastic bag, and wrap it over it with a towel to ensure maximum heat effect. To sustain no more than forty minutes and to wash off with the help of shampoo.
Mix ground coffee beans with burdock or nettle oil in a ratio of 2/1. Massage the scalp for a few minutes and rinse off the composition.
Another exfoliating scalp scrub is prepared from salt, coffee beans and any base oil. Combine the salt with coffee in a ratio of 2/1 and add two drops of oil. Apply, rub and hold on the head for 10-15 minutes.

Sugar Scrub for the scalp

Sugar is often used in home cosmetology and due to its properties it perfectly cleanses the skin of old cells, dirt, dandruff and excess subcutaneous fat. Constant use of sugar scrub for the scalp will provide restoration and nourishment to the hair follicles. Here are easy-to-prepare and effective mixtures:

For hair prone to dryness and brittleness, suitable peeling, standing out of sugar and shampoo for herbs.The ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 2/1 with the addition of a few drops of citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, tangerine, etc.).
A mixture of sugar and shampoo with bergamot oil will help reduce hair oiliness.
Improve and shine dull and weakened locks allow scrub of sugar, shampoo and three drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang or chamomile.

Apply the mixture on wet skin, massage until foam appears, then hold for a few minutes and rinse.

Other recipes useful scrubs for the scalp

In addition to salt, coffee and sugar blends, there are still many useful scrubs for the scalp. Such compositions will help to restore the hair shine, softness, obedience and healthy well-groomed appearance. Among the common recipes are the following:

Peeling from cane sugar, crushed oatmeal and the usual conditioner. All mix in equal parts and add a couple of drops of basic essential oil. If styling products are used, wash your hair with shampoo before applying the mixture. Next you need to gently, in a circular motion, apply a slurry on the scalp and massage for a while.Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with shampoo. Regular use of this scrub will increase the number of hair follicles and improve hair growth.
In cold periods, a mixture of egg yolk, melted honey, any base oil and brandy will do. All components mix in a proportion of 2/2/1/1 and add salt or sugar to make the slurry thick. Then gently rub into the skin of the head and soak for 15-20 minutes.

Scrub for the scalp

By applying fantasy and examining the characteristics of traditional products, you can endlessly experiment with new recipes for miraculous blends. So, as an abrasive base, in addition to the listed ingredients, use:

crushed egg shells, however, it should be used with care so that the sharp edges do not damage the skin;
crushed nut kernels are also an excellent scrubbing agent, and they also contain beneficial substances that further nourish the skin;
ground fruit pits are a popular ingredient in many peels;
Baking soda is among the best cleansers, it is much more efficient in washing the hair and scalp than any shampoo.

It should be borne in mind that scrubs are recommended to do courses, 8-9 times, because too frequent use will cause skin addiction and reduce the effect of the procedures. Let these simple recipes and useful recommendations allow you to restore the structure of the hair, fix problems, give shade shine, volume and luxurious look.

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