Secret code: why Queen Elizabeth puts the bag on the table

As it turned out, the royal family has a secret sign language in which bags play the main role ...

Surprisingly, but the fact ... Clutches or elegant bags on the straps of the royal family women are not needed for powder and refreshing napkins! With the help of designer accessories, they can call a helper, hide the excitement, or even stop the conversation by putting the bag on the table.

Photo: Legion-Media

The biggest clutch lover - Princess Diana always used her purse to cover her breasts when she got out of the car.

The wife of Prince Charles did not deny himself a neckline, but she didn’t want to be a fool, having spotted a candid cut for the photographers. Saved square clutch.

Kate Middleton found her use of a fashion accessory. Have you noticed how often the duchess is holding the bag with both hands? And all because Kate's hands in public often begin to tremble.Here, the etiquette specialists got out, having come up with an ingenious trick for her, how to maintain composure, writes the Daily Mail.

Photo: Legion-Media

But Queen Elizabeth went the furthest. She at all manages to distribute teams to assistants with one stroke of the briefcase.

For example, when a queen talks to someone and suddenly shifts her purse from hand to hand - this is a sign that she is tired of conversation and in a minute the assistant should politely interrupt her. Come and say something in the spirit: "Your Majesty, the Archbishop of Canterbury has already waited for you."

If the queen puts her purse on the table at dinner, it is a symbol that within five minutes she is going to leave the dinner party.

And it is worth being afraid when Elizabeth II turns a ring on a finger.

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