Secrets of a cozy kitchen and living room

Cozy Kitchen

Despite the rather non-standard finish, this kitchen does not look extravagant, but on the contrary, cozy and comfortable. This was made possible through a thoughtful design solution and the use of warm natural shades.

• Secret 1. Finishing materials,the unusual look of the kitchen is shaped by the finishing of the walls with a laminate with a matte surface. In combination with the glossy facades of kitchen furniture, a visual contrast was created and the expressiveness of textures was emphasized. A kitchen apron imitating rough plaster gives the interior a touch of environmental friendliness. Laminate light tone on the floor on the texture echoes with the walls and enhances the overall impression.

• Secret 2. The color scheme,warm shades based on the game of halftones and nuances complement the natural tones of natural wood, the brilliance of metal and plastic. The lack of bright colors gives this kitchen a strict and noble look.The interior may seem somewhat monochrome, but the style is impeccable in it.

• Secret 3. Furniture.The modern kitchen set is maximally functional. It emphasizes the natural simplicity of space. The bright accent of the room is a concisely shaped table with an expressive wooden texture, repeated in the decoration of the walls.

Elegant Living Room

This interior is based on the game of contrasts: fashionable, but cozy, festive - and at the same time intimate. Here you can have a party for friends, and at the same time it's nice to be alone with your favorite book.

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• Secret 1. Organization of space.The room looks spacious, filled with light and air. This is facilitated by the location of the sofa at a distance from the wall, as well as the floral pattern of wallpaper on the wall - as if it separates it from the rest (one-color) walls. Free arrangement of furniture allows you to leave the floor visible, visually "unloading" the space.

• Secret 2.The unity of style,smooth forms of the armchair, soft contours of the sofa, an elegant round table, aged metal of the shelf behind the sofa and the pyramidal leg of the floor lamp with a traditional lampshade - these items show the imprint of art deco style. Reconsidered but characteristic strokes are combined into a harmonious composition that creates a unique interior.

• Secret 3. A game of colors and textures.White playing with shades due to different textures (velvety upholstery fabric, matte surface of the walls and glossy door) is contrasted with a deep purple color of the lampshade and pillows and light mustard tone of the curtains and upholstery of the chair.

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