We sew a sleep mask

In order to sew a sleep mask, you will need the following materials and tools: 1. A small piece of white satin with a jacquard weave; 2. Thin adhesive strip (proklamilin or knitted base); 3. White coarse; 4. White slanting inlay; 5. Spool of white thread; 6. Narrow underwear elastic with lace edge; 7. Dried lavender flowers, about 5 g; 8. Cardboard; 9. A simple pencil; 10. Line; 11. Scissors; 12. Needle for hand sewing; 13. Sewing machine; 14. Cotton iron; 15. Pins; 16. Iron.
 We sew a sleep mask with our hands
First of all, you need to make a mask pattern from cardboard. It should be 20 cm long and 10 cm wide. It is not necessary to give allowances for stitches to the pattern, since the mask will be edged with a tape. About 3.5 cm from one edge on the wrong side of the mask will be processed incision. It is necessary so that, if necessary, sachets with dried flowers can be removed and the mask washed. According to the pattern, the front part of the mask should be cut (whole), the wrong part of the mask (split, with allowances of 1.5 cm for cutting processing),as well as 2 parts from the glue pad.  We sew the mask for sleep with our own hands
The face and the back of the mask need to be glued using a press-iron. The allowances for processing the cut on the wrong side should be pressed 1, 5 cm.
 We sew a sleep mask with our own hands
and stitch it.
 We sew a sleep mask with our own hands
The front and seamy parts of the mask should be swept along the edges. At the same time, they should “look” at each other with the wrong sides.
 We sew the mask for sleep with our own hands
Then we need to pin the pins with the pins. Its length is determined individually by an experienced way.

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