Should I go to the Czech Republic in winter

Czech Republic in the winter - a real gift for skiers

Some tourists believe that it is worth going to the Czech Republic only in the warm season, and in the winter it is not interesting there, or rather nothing to do. Indeed, in winter, not all interesting objects in the Czech Republic are available for inspection. For example, the vast majority of castles (including the famous Karlštejn near Prague) are closed until spring comes.
However, in this country a lot of attractions, in addition to castles. And for lovers of alpine skiing, the Czech Republic in the winter can become just a family home. After all, there are many well-equipped ski resorts. The most popular of them are Spindleruv Mlyn, Harrachov and Pec pod Sněžkou, which are located on the slopes of the Krkonoše Mountains.
They are well equipped, offer guests excellent service, trails of any level of complexity for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. At these resorts is a large number of different cafes, restaurants, clubs.Also here you can relax in the sauna, play billiards.Holidays in the ski resorts of the Czech Republic will be much cheaper than, for example, in the Alpine resorts of Austria, Switzerland or France.

Winter Prague - a paradise tale

Prague is beautiful at any time of the year. Some people who have repeatedly been in the Czech capital, believe that winter Prague has a special, incomparable charm. The pointed spiers of medieval buildings, powdered with fluffy snow, make a very strong impression. And since the winter in the Czech Republic, as a rule, is mild, the cold will not prevent a long walk in Mother Prague, as the Czechs respectfully call their capital, and admire its beauty. Moreover, the review is not obstructed by crowds of tourists, of which there are especially many in the summer!The weather in the winter in the Czech Republic is changeable, wet, it often rains, so warm waterproof shoes are required. And on a flat sole, since the historical center of Prague is paved with cobblestones.
To the services of tourists, in addition to beautiful architectural ensembles, Prague museums, art galleries, as well as restaurants, which are numerous in this city. Czech cuisine is very rich and tasty, and the prices are very low. Tourists who came to the Czech Republic for the first time should take into account that the portion sizes in the catering establishments of this country are huge, so you can safely order one dish for two, for Czechs this is in the order of things.

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