Simple and beautiful paper flower

Simple and beautiful flower from paper- making beautiful paper flowers from which you can make a very beautiful bouquet, for example, for a wedding or a holiday.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored paper or scrapbooking paper;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue gun;
  4. wire for flowers.

Step 1

Take the sheets of paper and cut a circle with a wavy edge. Then, starting from the edge, we cut a circle in a spiral toward the center.

Making a bud: tightly twist the helix into the bud, then slightly let go until the bud blossoms. Apply glue to the free end of the spiral with a hot-melt glue gun and glue it.Flower Budis ready.

Step 2

Take a sheet of green paper and cut the leaves. Lightly crush the leaf to give it shape and also fix it with glue.

We bite off a piece of wire and bend one end. Apply glue to the end of the wire and glue to the base of the bud. Next, glue the leaves to the wire.

We make the necessary number of paper flowers and collect them in a bouquet.

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