Simple Audio Transmitter

This transmitter showed good quality of the transmitted music, so I recommend starting with this circuit. As practice has shown, an assembled generator on a single transistor cannot, stand in one place, without an additional cascade, the frequency constantly goes away when you give a hand or supplies voltage. I used the transmitter within the same room, so I didn’t, they would use an additional cascade. As you can see in this generator used two transistors, which allows you to leave the frequency stable. Varicap excluded from the scheme, in my opinion, did not play a significant role.
scheme audio transceiver
Power supply voltage of 6 volts. Current consumption 0.2 ampere. The range is 88-107 MHz. The frequency goes down when it supplies voltages up to 3.7 volts, therefore I recommend including a 5 volt “7805” voltage regulator in the circuit such stabilizers are on FM transmitters, there is on the board from DVD.He set the diode to increase the voltage.
 block diagram
The LED also helps the generator to remain more stable. This generator does not respond to foreign objects or when giving a hand, unless of course we will not hold the antenna. A transformer for voltage of 9 v, ampere 0.2 is used in the power supply unit. Diodes IN4007, you can of course IN4004, IN4001. Electrolyte at 3300 microfarad. And every diode must be bridged by a 10n capacitor, otherwise it will be disgusting to fade. Between the case and the plus, you also need to hook the 10n capacitor.
 Simple Audio Transmitter
Antenna length is about 35 cm, range on a mobile phone with obstacles of 60 m. Still, it is not necessary to connect a spiral antenna, impairs efficiency, range, broadbandness and if you plug it into an outlet, the background from alternating voltage appears. Those who used such antennas were deeply mistaken. Good luck to all radio amateurs and lovers of radio.
 A simple audio transmitter with your own hands

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