Simple dandelion jam

Proven over the years recipe, without lyric reasoning. Serve dandelion jam well with hot pancakes. In the hot summer weather, divorced in water jam, perfectly quenches thirst. Very rich in vitamins and microelements.

It will be needed

  • 250-300 pcs. yellow dandelion caps.
  • 1.5 liters of water.
  • 1- 2 medium-sized lemons.
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar.

Preparation of dandelion jam

250-300 pieces of large dandelion flowers (only yellow "fat" hats) to collect in an ecologically clean place in dry sunny weather at noon - at this time the flowers contain the maximum amount of pollen and nectar.
Simple dandelion jam
Rinse the collected flowers gently in water - all insects crawl out of them. Strongly dandelions do not bother, so as not to wash off all the pollen from them.
Simple dandelion jam
Simple jam from dandelions
Then pour clean dandelions with 1.5 liters of boiling water,cover with a lid and let it so brew for a day.
Simple dandelion jam
Boil the infusion for 5 minutes, cool, squeeze the flowers and filter the liquid through frequent gauze, throw away the flowers.
Simple dandelion jam
Simple dandelion jam
Simple jam from dandelions
Add to the infusion of two well-washed lemons. They can be rubbed into a coarse grater with a peel, or cut into cubes, or only juice can be squeezed out. Important:Some types of lemon can be bitter. If you add too much lemon with zest, the jam can be more tart and even bitter. Therefore, before adding the citrus fruit to the jam it should be tasted. Dandelion infusion with lemon warmed on the stove. Gradually add sugar to it and cook on low heat, often stirring, until visible thickening for about 40 minutes. Important:The freshly prepared dandelion preserves will not be very thick.It will flow from the spoon as a slightly thickish liquid of light golden or amber color. Jam may acquire a denser consistency if it is boiled down for a long time. But from this it will get a darker shade. Pour the warm golden-colored syrup into jars and roll up the lids. Note:The color of jam made according to this recipe may differ in different years: from light golden to rich amber. This is due to the conditions in which dandelions grew. If the weather was rainy and cool, then the flowers will be weak, fine, the content of pollen in them will be much less. Accordingly, dandelion jam will be lighter and less saturated in color. Store jam in a cool place.

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