Simple Mobile Signal Detector

Simple Mobile Signal Detector Scheme
The mobile phone signal detector can detect the presence of an activated cell phone at a distance of about one and a half meters. Thus, the detector can be used to prevent the use of mobile phones on exams, in secret rooms, etc. This device can also be useful for detecting a mobile phone when spying and unauthorized video transmission. The scheme records any transmission from the phone, then SMS, voice call or internet connection. As soon as the carrier signal is detected, a high-frequency oscillation LED starts to glow in the circuit.

Detector circuit

A conventional RF detector using an LC circuit is not suitable for detecting signals in a band GHz frequency used in mobile phones.The transmission frequency of mobile phones is from 0.9 to 3 GHz with a wavelength of 3.3 to 10 cm. Here the circuit uses a 22p (C3) disk capacitor to capture radio signals from a mobile phone. The length of the antenna wire of the capacitor is fixed as 18 mm in 8 mm steps between the terminals to obtain the desired frequency. The capacitor, together with the antenna, acts as a small gigahertz gamma antenna for collecting radio signals from a mobile phone. Simple Mobile Signal Detector Circuit
The CA3130 amplifier is used in the circuit as a current-to-voltage converter with a C3 capacitor connected between its inputs. This is a CMOS version using transistor-protected transistors with a P-channel at the input gate providing very high input impedance, very low input current and very high speed operation. The output CMOS transistor amplifies the signal and turns on the LED.

Assembling the Cell Phone Signal Detector

Simple scheme of the mobile signal detector I assembled the detector on the printed circuit board. Pre-drew, pickled, zaludil and drilled.In general, everything is as it should be.
Simple scheme of the mobile signal detector
Simple scheme of the mobile signal detector

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