Sleep Mask - Panda

Sleep mask is a salvation for those who like to fall asleep in pitch darkness. Comfortable, soft mask "Panda" will be a good gift as a cute night accessory. Follow the simple steps to make a mask for yourself or as an exclusive gift. For work you will need: • Sewing machine. • • Black, red and white sewing threads. • • Needle . • Good scissors. • Thick black fabric. • • Cotton white fabric. • • Sheet A-4 paper. • Handle. • • Measuring tape. • • Dense black elastic band. • Black inlay. • English pins.
 To work you will need
Order of action 1. Make a pattern. Draw an oblong shape, as shown in the photo, approximately 9 cm wide and 21 cm long. Fold the sheet in half and carefully cut the symmetrical pattern.
 Make a pattern
2. Put the pattern on a black cloth. Pin with safety pins and cut.Do the same on the white fabric. If the black fabric is too thin, cut a few more similar blanks to lay them together.
 pin a pattern
3. The same detail cut from white fabric.
 Cut three pairs
4. Cut out three pairs of different-sized circles for the panda's eyes and a small circle for the nose.
 Sew big circles
5. Sew on the sewing machine large circles.
 Sew on medium-sized circles
6. Sew on medium-sized circles.
 Sew small circles
7. Sew small circles for eyes and nose. Sew the mouth with a red thread.
 Sew together two mask details
8. Sew together the two details of the mask.
 Measure and sew a gum
9.Measure and sew a rubber band.
 attach the tape
10. On the sewing machine, attach the beak to the inside of the mask.  Turn the tape
11. Turn out the bake and sweep it around the mask. -beyku.jpg "alt =" Stitch your back "title =" Stitch your back "> 12. Attach the mask to the mask on the front side.  Stitch your back 13. cut two circles of black fabric with a diameter of 4 cm.
 cut two circles
14. Fold the circles in half and crochet the edges of the bake.  Fold the circles in half 15. Sew your ears to the mask. Done!
 Sleep mask panda

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