To cut the throat in a dream, what is the dream?

A sleeping person perceives the world around him in his own way; every detail, element, or even color has a meaning different from the real one. Sometimes not the whole dream is remembered, but individual details, events, you can see a person in a dream, but remember this or that part of the body, the arm or, for example, the throat. Bloody events are often associated with the latter (a well-known phrase “cut the throat” is realized in a dream).

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To cut the throat in a dream, what is it like dreaming?
To cut the throat in a dream, what is it like dreaming?

Autumn dream

According to the predictions of the autumn interpreter, if you have a dream that your throat hurts, then in real life you need to prepare exactly for the same thing: angina and other inflammatory processes in this area. Perhaps, the subconscious has already fixed the moment of the birth of the disease and signals the person to take preventive measures.

Persian dream book

Such a vision can predict future poverty, health problems, deterioration of living standards and deep need.

Summer dream

The situation is quite the opposite - a sore throat, which has been seen in a dream, a symbol of absolute health, a signal that pain will pass by.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to him, there are various options for explaining what a dream can mean. If the tension of the throat muscles or pain is felt, as in the case of angina, the interpreter explains this by the feeling of envy developed in a person, which guides many of his actions and actions.

A different explanation, if a person dreams of how he scratches his throat, is a symbol of future sadness, sadness, unpleasant moments. To cut a throat in a dream to itself in reality promises only good, a symbol of the fact that a person will be able to achieve very much in his career and personal life.

Dream dream wanderer

This dream book, where the throat, even sick or slit, in a dream is also treated calmly. A puffy throat is dreaming - fortunately, problems with swallowing are lucky, a cut throat is a symbol of success in business, and a huge one.

Ukrainian dream book

According to this dream book, to cut a throat to oneself means nothing else but a victory in some important matter or the achievement of success.Although in itself dreamed throat is interpreted as a symbol of sadness.

Idiomatic interpreter

Constriction or a sensation of a coma in the throat can be a harbinger of deep resentment or a serious obstacle hindering the realization of your plans. The feeling of an eruption in the throat, as after a shout, speaks of long but vain attempts to achieve his, empty disputes.

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