Small apartment in the attic: 20 square meters, where everything is

Do you need to make repairs in the attic with a non-standard layout? What tricks and tricks to use to get a cozy and functional space? We decided to consider it on the example of a small apartment from Barcelona

Given the design features, repair in the attic is difficult to do. But with the right approach, the result will exceed your expectations.

Increasingly, the attic is used as a living space. Here is a real example of an apartment located in the attic, and its area is only 20 square meters. It is located in the center of Barcelona (Spain).

Not much roam in such a small space, especially when you need to include all the functions necessary for a full-scale life. But when a professional takes over, then everything is possible. We look, as with this task the designer Anthony Chevalier (Anthony Chevallier) has consulted.

Color: expands borders and adds mood

When choosing a color for such a non-standard room, it was important to maintain a cheerful mood. It is especially important when a young student lives in it (as we assume).

The apartment before the repair as the main color was yellow. It is often used in the attic. It invigorates, positively influences intellectual thinking and improves mood. But since space includes several functions (work and rest), it was necessary to find a middle ground.

So, the designer chose as a basis the light color of walls and ceiling. And the yellow color is added as an accent. The result is the effect of sunlight. In the bedroom, they didn’t use this technique to set the room to relax.

Our opinion:

- Light, without visual borders, the color of the walls, ceiling, furniture visually increases the space, so it is ideal for an attic with a non-standard design.

How to add expressiveness

To make the apartment look impressive, Anthony Chevalier used several effective techniques. He made accents of color and light.

And the impression of airiness was achieved thanks to the backlight. In the bedroom it is hidden under the ceiling, diffused lighting sets up to rest. In the living room, the lighting is brighter and gives expression to objects on the shelves, enhances the sunny mood. In the kitchen, it is even brighter and serves as an additional source of lighting.

Decorative pillows, furniture covers also suit well in color and create a cheerful mood in the apartment.

Transformation of objects

Functionality in small spaces comes first. The loft kitchenette gets a bit bigger when the table is folded. Its surface is specially selected in a light gray range so that it does not stand out too much.

The dimensions of the table are small, but if someone comes to visit a student, it is quite possible to accommodate two of them.

Change of scenery

Repairs made for the future. Therefore, chair covers, mattresses on benches, throw pillows and items on the shelves are easy to change. Moreover, the designer made an excellent background, he also painted the beams in a light color. This is a big advantage.

Beams - in the case

As you know, students usually have a lot of books that need to be stored somewhere. Since the room is small, instead of bookcases on the walls there are open shelves. And the beams on the ceiling were used as a dividing wall. Since they are in one color, it seems like the continuation of the shelves.

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