Small hallway: looking for an alternative to the closet

The area of ​​the hallway in our apartments does not always allow to equip it with a spacious wardrobe. So you have to look for another more compact, but no less functional option. And how can you not remember about the hangers and hooks? Of course, they will not be able to replace a full-size wardrobe, but for storing their jackets with umbrellas they will fit in as well.


Hooks, even the piece of furniture can not be called. Rather, it’s just an accessory that, nevertheless, does an excellent job with storing bags, raincoats and even umbrellas. In the case of hooks, you are your own designer. On the wall they can be placed as you like, as well as in any quantity. The very elements are sold in a huge range of models - in the form of leaflets and colored balls, chrome-plated geometric shapes and elegant forged items. Modern designers find ways to add functionality to them. So there are models with built-in backlight and even hours. Showing a little imagination, I manage to create wonderful “hook” compositions.


Wall hangers for outerwear serve as a familiar place to store things in a small hallway. They perform on the similarity of the straps with hooks fixed at certain places. Outerwear, umbrellas and handbags will find their place on such hangers. And if the hanger constructively contains a shelf, then you will be where to put more hats with scarves.

A variety of materials used in the production will allow you to choose a hanger exactly under the corridor interior. In the classic style of the entrance area, ready-made kits will be appropriate, for example, as the Nicole Hall model with a built-in hanger made of wood, artificially aged or tinted. A decorative wrought iron hooks will add furniture a special charm. Modern interior loves sparkling metal. Because lacquer hanger with chrome elements here will be most welcome.

A hanger can be not just a functional addition to furniture, but also an excellent designer accessory for your hallway. So, you can often find very original options. The model, repeating the shape of the branches of a tree, a female silhouette or an exotic ornament will be a stylish accent in any hallway.

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