Soap for lovers

The holiday of all lovers is coming. My only half want to give something significant and memorable. Handmade soap is an ideal. Making it very simple, even a beginner can handle. And if you strictly follow the instructions, then after a while a fragrant piece of soap, prepared with your own hands, will surely please you and inspire you to new creative exploits. What do we need to work? It is enough to buy a base for soap, a useful oil for skin care, fragrance and cosmetic dye, a picture on water-soluble paper. You can make a picture yourself, but you can, of course, be purchased in a specialized store. If desired, you can take cosmetic glitter. Well, the form for soap will also have to be thought out. Sold a lot of inexpensive forms. You can use the materials at hand. Boxes, cardboard or plastic containers that fantasy tells. So, what do you need to make such an unusual gift? And, most importantly, do it yourself! Which is doubly pleasant. 1.Take a matte base for soap (100 g needed) and cut into small cubes.
 Take a matte base
basis for soap
2. Transparent basis for soap is also cut into cubes. We will need 20 grams. The smaller the cubes, the faster the base will melt.
 Transparent Foundation
3. We try on our image according to the form so that the corners do not curl.
 picture in the form of
4. Prepare everything that is useful in the process: smelting tanks, spoons to interfere with the base, thin bamboo sticks can also be used. Flavoring to give a pleasant smell, dye to please the eye, and alcohol to remove bubbles.
 alcohol to remove bubbles
5. Melt in a microwave oven a transparent base, add flavor to it, pour into the mold and sprinkle with alcohol.Small bubbles will dissolve.
 Small bubbles will dissolve
 Small bubbles will dissolve 6. From above we place our picture and sprinkle it with glitter. Let it dry well, but not completely cool. 7. At this time, we melt the matte base. The main thing - do not let it boil. Only to melt. Add apricot kernel oil. It will care for the skin, moisturize and nourish. We drip 6-8 drops of flavoring. In this case, it is "Tea Tree". It has an excellent delicate aroma, besides, it is an excellent antiseptic.
 melt the matte base
Add oil
8. Divide the base in half. While the previous layer has not cooled down yet, it is rather solid, but plastic, pour out half of the base with the second layer and sprinkle with alcohol. 9. The remaining half is painted with a cosmetic dye, 1-2 drops will suffice, and pour out on top in the same way as the previous layer. Until it cooled down completely.Spray alcohol and let it cool completely.
 paint with cosmetic dye
 I will let you cool completely
10. When the form is already cold, it is time for the clock, we take out soap and enjoy the delicate aroma.
 Soap for lovers
It is impossible to create the same thing twice soap for dear man. Having presented such a gift to a loved one or a loved one (men can also try themselves as soap-makers), you will know for sure that the gift is exclusive, unique, and most importantly, it is made with soul. Because without a good mood it is impossible to do a good thing.

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