Seal Socks

By the New Year, in order to please my daughter she tied her socks so warm. I chose a special nursery for the yarn so that it wouldn’t be pricked, it was warm and not thick, so that the sock would easily get into the winter shoe. I am starting to knit. To work, you need 5 knitting needles for knitting in a circle, I have needles No. 3 and yarn. Yarn, I chose a special nursery. The composition is 50% wool, but it is not pricked at all. As always, I first type the loops into 2 spokes, doing this so that the loops are not tight and the first row is easily tied. For my yarn, the number of loops is 40.
 Seal Socks
Then I distribute 10 loops to 4 needles, 5th knitting needle. The top of the socks always knit with a rubber band to stretch well and return to the starting position. I knit a simple pattern 2/2 gum. I got 23 rows.
Socks seals
Then I knit in a circle with the usual stocking, working thread after the needle.
Socks seals
Having knitted 16 rows, I turn to knit heel part.In the children's socks, the heel did not strengthen. To knit the heel, you can take smaller knitting needles so that the knitting density is greater. And so, for knitting the heel, I take half of the knit loops - these are 20 pieces and move them to one needle and knit them with just one needle. The remaining 20 loops are not tied to another needle, I will return to them later. I form the top of the heel for this purpose, it is necessary to knit 8 rows with the front satin stitch, alternating the back and front faces with each row.
 Seal Socks
The next step begins to narrow the heel part. To do this, you need to distribute 20 loops to 3 needles in this way: 5 loops on one, 10 loops on the next and the remaining 5 loops on the last needle.
 Kitty Socks
I continue to knit with the face and tidy and tidy one by one loop, knit 2 loops together in each row, until there are only 10 loops.
 Socks seals
Returning to knitting in a circle. I pick up the missing side loops and start knitting again in a circle. I’ve got 54 loops in total
 Seal Socks
I continue to knit in a circle.Gradually diminish two loops in each side row at once, so that it again becomes 40 loops.
 Socks seals
I keep knitting until I reach the zone of fingers.
Socks seals Gradually I begin to reduce the loops in each row through one in the following way: 2 loops together, one loop as usual, then again two loops together and so on until the sock closes. Socks are almost ready. But that is not all. I wanted to decorate them and sew them a cat. This will require threads for embroidery or any that is at home. I take different colors: black, red, green, pink. Top crocheted fluffy baby yarn 3-4 rows. From embroidered threads I embroider ears, eyes, antennae, mouth. And that's all, socks are ready.
Seal Socks
They turned out high, as planned, to be higher than the shoes. My daughter really liked these socks.
Socks of a cat

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