Soft toy - giraffe

Children always need a lot of toys. Since babies are not able to show interest in one thing for a long time, parents often have to invent new ways to maintain their attention. Otherwise, children will start to be interested in household chemicals, dishes, tableware, climbing into sockets and other dangerous places. Of course, not everybody can buy toys every day, therefore handicrafts will be the best solution to this problem. You can also make funny animals, toys, helicopters, dolls with your own hands, especially if you use the remnants of various fabrics and not buy new things every time.
 DIY soft toy giraffe
Here's a giraffe, for example, made of thick yellow stretch (trimmed with summer jeans), brown leather residue and full of padding polyester.
Soft game ka with his hands giraffe
first draw a sketch onpaper and cut it.
 Soft toy do it yourself giraffe
Then we outline the paper blank on the fabric, cut out with a small allowance for the seam (up to 5 mm) and apply to the whole piece of fabric.
 Soft toy DIY giraffe
 Soft toy do-it-yourself giraffe
In order for the toy to turn out normal and undeformed, it is better to sew a figured detail exactly like that, otherwise there is a risk of mixing and inconsistency of parts (especially if the fabric stretches).
 Do-it-yourself soft toy giraffe
As you sew on, you can immediately trim off excess fabric.
 Soft toy with your own hands giraffe
Stitches should be very small (especially on the head, there are a lot of" turns "), otherwise when inverting, the seams will not have smooth and rounded transitions.
Do-it-yourself soft toy giraffe
With the wrong side, we sew the head, neck, legs, leaving the back and tail area intact. text-align: center; "> A soft toy with the hands of a giraffe
On the back we place three strips of brown leather (can be replaced with a thin satin ribbon) and sew them together with a cloth. Ties must be threaded inside the product, leaving only small "tails" outside.
 Giraffe's own toy with his own hands
We sew this hole, inserting two loops for tail imitation,small reverse stitches.
 DIY soft toy giraffe
 DIY soft toy giraffe

Eyes can be made from black identical buttons.
 DIY soft toy giraffe
They are sewn together in pairs, leading the thread to the opposite side in the same holes.
 DIY soft toy giraffe
Soft toy do-it-yourself giraffe Cut out small oval and round fragments from the skin, which we sew to the yellow body of our giraffe.
 DIY soft toy giraffe
Give up the glue and take the time to sew the parts to make the toy safe and environmentally friendly.
 Soft toydo-it-yourself giraffe
Now this spotted giraffe can delight the baby and become another toy of his valuable collection.
 DIY soft toy giraffe

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